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I’m Josephine! I am a mother to a beautiful little boy and I live in the UK with our blind poodle Lyra.

I am originally from Houston Texas and spent 10 years in New York City and Los Angeles pursuing my love of the stage.

I have been a healer and a life coach for over 8 years serving clients from Hollywood to London. I now work with CEO’s, Celebrity Psychics, and boss women who want more out of life and have found a way to work with their guides to get them there.

In 2013 my journey began after I was mis-prescribed a medication for depression that made 80% of my skin burn off of my body inside and out from a rare condition called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. I was in a coma for a month in an ICU Burn Unit and underwent two major surgeries to save my eyesight. The doctors could do nothing for me and there was no reason medically for me to live.
My mother enlisted the help of an extensive network of energy healers and we witnessed the power of prayer, energy healing, and the collective consciousness as I woke up from my coma.

Everything happens for a reason and that season of pain and disfigurement and search for answers led to my Spiritual Awakening. I had a new mission in front of me: I became a healer.

In 2020 during the pregnancy of my child my clairvoyance was activated and I began to dream the future and remember my lifetimes in Atlantis. I began experiencing the past lives of others like a movie, bearing witness to their trauma’s, past life vows, and energies holding them back. So, I cleared them and their lives changed. It then became my mission to activate the intuitive abilities of others and to give them the power to heal themselves and to heal the world.

I believe that we all have the power to access our intuition and live life to our greatest potential. But we must clear the blocks that are holding us back. The power rests within.

You don’t need a Guru, just a guide to show you the way and set your healing in motion. I am that guide.

Clairvoyant, healer, spiritual channel



We believe in magic, the ability of the body to heal, the power of love, the capacity of humans to create, & fierce courage to face your fears.

We're Energy Rebels in pearls, Crystal Junkies, Wilderness Princesses pushing the limits as we climb mountains seeking enlightenment

Healing starts on the inside. It starts with forgiveness. It starts with GRACE. It starts with compassion for the shattered and scattered remnants of your heart


Make the most of your second chanCe

our motto:


During some of the darkest moments in my life, I've been saved by a daily salt bath. My fix: Himalayan or sea salt + aztec healing clay + lavender oil. Eat a spoonful of honey to keep your energy at 100% as this is cleansing AF.



I crave pickles like a pregnant woman. It's like my life force. If pickles were a food group, I'd be set. I've struggled in the UK finding the perfect "gerkin" so if you have any guidance for a die hard "Bubbies" girl, hit a sista up.



I'm often referred to as a colourful monochrome Princess by my friends & often have to challenge myself to break the tendency to not only surround myself with seafoam, duckegg, violet, rose, & sky blue. 7 year olds dig my sparkly style. Kate Spade is life. Bring on the orange!



You can get me out of bed on any day of the week with the promise of a delicious brekky spread. Make it bottomless brunch and you've got a friend for life. I blame it on my years in NYC with a fabulous crowd. 


02. love my

Without self-healing, I am a hot mess. It grounds me completely and allows me the energy to heal and be in the space to give my energy. It's a daily supercharge of healing and high vibes. It also puts me in a place where I am open to receiving inspiration, guidance, and intuitive answers to the questions in my heart. This is what I teach you to do!




My training and lifelong love is in the theatre. I love the collaboration that happens within an ensemble and the communion between audience and actor. The playwrights I obsess over are Shakespeare, Tennessee Williams, & Sam Shepard. 



I spent my early years in Los Angeles performing with a sketch comedy group and at the LA comedy Festival. I've also performed comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and love jumping into IMPROV jams when I can. I am truly an IMPROV nerd at heart and it brings me so much joy.


09. secret talent 

As a child I felt a profound connection to nature and spent a large amount of my time climbing trees and playing in the streams by my house. It was my meditative space and continues to be today.


08. I LOVE

It has been said that my musical knowledge ends circa 2006. You can find me jamming out to 60s hits, I love to twist & shout, & the 90s is my "cool girl" music. Also, Beyoncé.


07. ON my RADIO

Valentino Veritas reminds me of nights out in the West Village in New York during my early twenties. It is a scent of freedom, possibility and every time I wear it I know there will be an adventure. Second Place to BOND NYC Chelsea Flowers.


06. my FAVE scent



a few of my

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