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You’ve known that you were different. Unique. Special. Bound for greatness. During this time of ascension we are being called to step back into our abilities. As healers, leaders, seeers, psychics, and clairvoyants. We are here to activate the light in others, free ourselves from our pasts, and step forward onto the Quantum timeline of ascension, manifestation, and rapid transformation. The call is out. Welcome, to your Soul Family of Light.

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What would life be like without the constant emotional triggers, blocks around your abundance, manifestations, and heavy relationship traumas that seem to follow you no matter how many forgiveness exercises you’ve done?
It would be freaking incredible.

Together we’ll clear your past (ALL lifetimes) so that you can step into your Magic and your highest timeline of ascension to create a life of joy, success, freedom, abundance, health, and infinite possibility.
When your Magic is activated, anything is possible.

Healer, teacher, and mentor for those ready to activate their intuition


hello my love, i'm

- Heather Auble, Hollywood Psychic
Host of Psych & The City Podcast

"simply the best healing i've ever had in my entire life. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment. even if you are broke, spend your last dollar and make an appointment."


- Fran Excell
Host of Positive Pants Podcast

- Cristina Jimenez


I could not have chosen a better person. Jo immediately made me feel at ease and gave me a sense of peace. I am so grateful to her for the knowledge that was shared with me. It has changed the core and essence of who I am.

Not only am I happier, mentally and spiritually, but I have allowed myself to embrace my past and all the possibilities in my life. I have been freed of soul contracts and have experienced the change with certain people in my life already! You can feel that she really cares about her clients; I look forward to my next reading from Jo so I can continue to heal and help heal those around me.

- Karen Marie
Indigo Sacred Creations

"I have worked with Jo both in person and distantly, she is an absolute joy to work with, one of the most gifted channels and a wonderful healer."

Jo has such a natural energy and gift, she made me feel at ease instantly. Her gifts are incredible and I have been very blessed by her healing. Her work accessing the Akashic Records has blown my mind.

Jo helped me break spell work that was done to me, and helped me clear outdated soul contracts and attachments. I would highly recommend her services and gifts, for she truly is a divine channel and beautiful soul. You can trust you are in good hands and allow her to help you unlock your past lives to help to heal the trauma and blocks that are a hindrance to your growth and future blessings. 

- Leilia Yvetta

"I remember the first time working with Jo. I was having a really, really, hard time and we did a session and the next day I just felt SO much better."

 And I couldn’t explain it and I’ve never had that before: Where one day I’m having a hard time- like it wasn't just a hard day it was like a hard week, hard 2 weeks- and I did a session with Jo and the next day I just felt so much lighter. An things just felt so much easier. And so, I continued working with her and I am very glad that I did.

- Isobel Gordon

Through her kind nature and ability to connect with endless humility, Jo taught me methods and practises which all enabled me to clear trauma and reignite my inner possibility. If you need to clear some shit and start focusing on yourself and what you need/want to create, Jo is a fountain of knowledge! Trust the process and I can’t recommend Jo enough. Thank you Jo! xx

"Over the time I was lucky enough to have Jo as a coach, I honestly felt and still feel the most empowered and in my most authentic state that I’ve ever felt.."

- Mary Alice Coleman
Author/ Inner- Life Coach

"My sister was deathly sick in the hospital with COVID-19."

She was going to leave this earth. Within 2 days of Josephine healing my sister she was improved and could breathe on her own. And within 3 days was released from the hospital. She had a long way to go to recover but she was out of critical care.

Weeks following her being home, she was ready to talk about her experience. She said she knew she was going to die and made peace with God and the world.

Then she said mysteriously her body started to rally. It was nothing on her part as she had zero energy anymore to fight. That was the time Josephine was working remotely on my sister.

So much prayer, love and amazing healing energy helped my sister. I told my sister about Josephine and how she aided her recovery. She was so touched and so grateful. It was like a miracle.

- Kate O'brien

I had not had my period for 3 months due to stress, & I was feeling all the symptoms of PMS & was uncomfortable all the time.

The wonderfully charming Jo immediately identified the pain in my chest before I even told her what was wrong. She did Energy Healing on me and the next day my period came, the pain lifted & the discomfort left me. I cannot recommend Jo highly enough, she is an incredible healer and also an absolute delight to work with.

"I was grieving a death in the family & experiencing stress-induced health issues, most significantly a pain in my chest."

- Mira Patel
Corporate Coach

 It was the first time I had experienced energy healing but for me it honestly was so powerful. Jo just made me feel at ease the moment we connected on zoom and she explained carefully how it would all work and all I can say is she is truly amazing and for me I had the deepest sleep in a long time and truly have felt a lift in my energy levels. Will definitely be going back to Jo for energy healing in the near future .

"My session with Jo was totally awesome."

let's do the damn thing

Are you ready to uplevel? Are you ready to feel energized, focused, and on fire in your life and business? Are you ready to manifest a life you are wildly obsessed with and activate your intuitive abilities? 

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