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The Holy Grail of coaching, energetic activations, business and life guidance in the Quantum Realm. This is for the individual that is ready to activate their psychic gifts, step into their full power as a leader and activator of others and manifest at lightspeed.

3, 6, or 12 month containers of magic, transformation, and ongoing psychic support from Josephine and your Guides.

Quantum coaching & Spiritual mentorship

you're ready for your next level

It is time to step into your power: as a healer, as a clairvoyant, as a high priestess. The call is out. Our lifetimes in Atlantis and Lemuria are being activated and we are remembering our abilities as Healers, Seeers, Master Manifestors. 

In this intimate initiation I and the Angelic Kingdom of Light, those who love you unconditionally, your guides and Akashic Masters will activate your forgotten gifts and usher you into a Divine Temple of held pure vibration of the 9th Dimension during our time together.

You are meant for magic, possibility, and a life of freedom, authenticity and expansion.

If you have ever wondered what it would be like to have a psychic on speed dial, launch version 2.0 of yourself, and step into your full expression, abundance, and soul mission: the time is now. You’ve known that you were different. From your dreams, to your sensitivity to other’s energy, to that gnawing feeling in your heart that you are meant for more.

in a bespoke container 

activate your psychic abilities and ascension

imagine having a life coach that works in TANDEM with spirit and can identify and remove your past life blocks, activate your magical abilities & spiritual codes, & teaches you co-creation in the quantum realm.

we're talking manifesting at the speed of light.

This initiation will catapult your vibration into the next level of your ascension. Calling in your soul family of light: friendships, love, business partnerships and experiences that will transform the direction of your life and your ability to activate others.

This time together we will decode, deprogram, download, uplevel, activate and shift every molecule of your being, upgrade your DNA’s energetic signature and fully open up your Crown, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras so that you can step into your psychic abilities reclaim your Sovereignty as a leader of the realm, and activate the High Priestess within.

You are a Queen, you have always been a Queen. But in this lifetime, that Queendom must be claimed

Revoking the binds, blocks, and cords that have kept you playing small. The blocks that society and others have put on you for your subjugation and silence. 

This time together is a portal into your next iteration, your next vibration, your next reality.

YOU 2.0.

Free from the binds, cloudiness, and lack of direction. 

This is your moment. Your time to take ownership over your energy, your past, your intuition, and your future.

You are a being of Divine Light. It is now time to choose to shine as bright as you possibly can

You will receive unlimited guidance & healing 


Techniques, guides, meditations, psychic and physical protection, and Manifestation Practices to physically, emotionally & mentally transform your life.


05.access to

Clarification and activation of your soul purpose contract. Bespoke plan and spirit led guidance for next steps and removal of any blocks.



Unlimited Psychic Voicenote support within 24 hours.
You will have me and your Spirit Guides available on demand through our time together.



6 hour-long sessions of Akashic Record Training to become a Certified Akashic Record Healer. Learn to read and heal in the Akashic Records. (Value £2,222)



90 minutes of in-depth bespoke coaching & energy mentorship every week. Opportunity to switch coaching for healings if that's what you need that week.


01. Quantum


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06. my FAVE scent: 


in the upcoming

what to expect

- clara saetren

She did an outstanding job of balancing my needs for healing and learning about myself and the spiritual world during our 3 months together. When I was feeling low, I could exchange the coaching sessions for healing sessions that were needed in my journey. These healing sessions left me feeling more confident and at peace than I have felt in my life. She taught me energy healing techniques that I use on myself, my husband, and close friends to heal our minds and bodies. I was able to sweep away a minor burn and speed the recovery of bruises and a rolled ankle.
I signed up for this journey with Josephine at a pivotal time in my life. It was my first time ever living alone and I was able to rely on her as a friend and mentor with her only ever a few clicks away on apps like Voxer and WhatsApp. She would check in on me between our sessions and be a shoulder to cry on when I was feeling down.  
The biggest lesson I learned was that of forgiveness. In one session I asked, "Who am I if not my anger, trauma, and resentment?" She taught me a forgiveness practice that I used daily until I was less angry. I still use this practice from time to time but luckily don't have to use it daily because I no longer feel the level of anger towards people who have hurt me. Through our time I learned that I am not the anger, trauma, and resentment I was feeling, but instead I am a being of light and love. 

I would recommend a program with Josephine to anyone who wants to learn more about themselves, healing, or the spiritual path.  

"I participated in Jo's 1-1 Spiritual Coaching & Energy Transformation & it lived up to its name of being transformational."

- isobel gordon
global brand experience expert

Through her kind nature and ability to connect with endless humility, Jo taught me methods and practises which all enabled me to clear trauma and reignite my inner possibility. If you need to clear some shit and start focusing on yourself and what you need/want to create, Jo is a fountain of knowledge! Trust the process and I can’t recommend Jo enough; Thank you Jo xx

"Over the time I was lucky enough to have Jo as a coach, I honestly felt and still feel the most empowered and in my most authentic state that I’ve ever felt"



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Quantum Coaching is available in 3, 6, and 12 month packages. 1 year programme includes 2 day-retreats with Josephine for in-person activations, upleveling and strategy + admittance onto the energy mastermind. Space is limited and application is through discovery call.



and are pretty darn magical

seeking more in life


healing and ascension.

ready to take the next steps toward

a being of infinite light:

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